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Photo by Holly Obermiller on Unsplash

The chemo room is big and sun-lit with several stations to choose from, though most are already spoken for. I take one in the middle near the nurse’s station, the equivalent of near the kitchen in a restaurant. There’s a big chair for me, built-in desk space on both sides for laptop, book, newspaper, lunch. There’s a chair to the side for Bob to work. I’ve already had an IV started and blood drawn to make sure my starting numbers are good.

I’ll be given four drugs. The first two are to prevent nausea. Next up will to taxotere, and then Cytoxan.

Bob and I have treated ourselves to sandwiches from Caputos which we enjoy while the first drug slowly seeps into my system.

After lunch, Bob works, while I sip coffee and read my Sunday times. It’s a luxury to read my whole paper in one sitting. It’s deceptively pleasant to relax in a comfy chair while poisons drip into my body.